Why should I join WellcomeMD?

At WellcomeMD, we understand that your time is precious. Because of that we offer you our healthcare service and the assurance that you will be seen and heard by your physician based on your current health needs and achieving your future health goals.

I have a friend from out-of- town who requires medical care. Can my physician see them?

Yes, as a member at WellcomeMD, your out-of-town guest can be seen by a WellcomeMD physician.

When I am traveling, will I still have access to my physician?

Yes, your physician will be available to you via email, cell phone, and through the patient portal.

Do WellcomeMD physicians see children, and if so, how young?

Yes, our physicians will see children generally starting at 13 years of age or younger in special circumstances. 

Does WellcomeMD accept insurance and/or Medicare?

We accept most insurance, self-pay, and Medicare.

What amenities and services does WellcomeMD provide?

  • Nutrition consultation

  • Fitness evaluation

  • Advanced Annual Physical

  • Advanced labs and genetic testing

  • 24/7 access to your physician

  • Physician driven, individualized health plan

  • Preventative, proactive care

  • Same or next day appointments for acute care

  • Thorough, unhurried appointments — minimum 30 minutes

  • In office, comprehensive labs

  • Liaison to specialist providers

  • House calls when needful

  • Courtesy hospital visits to local hospitals when necessary

  • Physician guided programs, such as Walk With Your Doc, Understanding Food Labels and a variety of other topics

How do I become a member with WellcomeMD?

For more information on how to become a WellcomeMD member, please call 888.531.3844.