Invest in Your Health:
A traditional approach supplemented by advanced training.

WellcomeMD gives you the time, team and tools you need to achieve optimal health for the same cost as the typical cable & internet subscription. Dr. Neal Carl, Dr. Mary Colfer, and Dr. Robert Quarles are primary care physicians who complement traditional medicine with the latest thoroughly researched techniques backed by substantial evidence.

At WellcomeMD, you get everything you’d expect from concierge medicine PLUS

  • Physicians who see half the number of patients as other concierge practices

  • Double-board certified physicians in Primary Care and Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine

  • Genetic testing that assesses your risk of heart disease, stroke, blood clots, cancer, diabetes and much more

  • Gut health analysis

  • Hormonal health analysis

  • Food sensitivity analysis

  • Sleep analysis

  • CIMT reviewed by a Radiologist

  • InBody 570 body composition analysis including segmental fat measurement and body water ratios

  • Liaise with specialist providers

  • Quarterly follow-ups to measure results

  • Consultation with a Clinical Nutritionist to help with diet and food choices based on your genetics

  • Consultation with an Exercise Physiologist to help with a custom work out routine based on your genetics

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Feeling Your Best: 
Don’t settle for less

Safeguarding your health is always our first priority, but we realize your wellbeing and vitality are equally important to your quality of life.

We pay just as much attention to assessing and treating the conditions that have the greatest impact on how you feel and perform.

WellcomeMD Advanced Physical and Labs

Overall Health Assessment

A new path has emerged, a field that looks at health through the prism of aging.  Using advanced lab testing and tools, we are able to measure the aging process at an organ, systemic, and genetic level and identify any decline or onset of disease.

Our goal is to help you live longer while maintaining quality of life. We treat the root cause of health and vitality loss, not just mask the symptoms.

Genetic Assessment

We test specific genes related to cardiovascular and brain health for genetic mutations that may increase the risk for blood clots and/or affect the production of neurotransmitters found in the gut and brain. We also compare your genetic markers to existing research on optimal fitness, nutrition, and wellness. All this helps us help define an optimal plan for your health and vitality.

Gut Health Analysis

We recognize that major impacts to your health like autoimmune response, leaky gut, and food sensitivities, can be directly attributed to your gut health. Many chronic conditions, like cardiometabolic issues, can also be severely impacted by your gut microbiome.

Hormone Health Analysis

Classic signs of aging often originate from changes in your hormonal balance. These include weight gain, low energy, decreased sex drive, mood swings, and poor concentration. A simple blood test and medical history evaluation can help us target and treat the root cause of these symptoms.

Cardiac Assessments

Each year, cardiovascular disease is America’s leading health problem and cause of death.  What is your risk for developing heart disease?  Through our advanced lab testing and cutting-edge technology, we can help determine this risk and take appropriate action.

Advanced Lipid Testing

Evidence suggests that other lipid measures beyond traditional testing may be more accurate predictors of cardiovascular disease risk.  Our advanced lipid testing panel may improve cardiovascular disease risk prediction by identifying hidden risk and helping to guide appropriate treatment.

Diabetes Assessment

Diabetes and insulin resistance (pre-diabetes) are becoming an epidemic in our country. They are a major risk factors for developing heart disease and are associated with accelerated cognitive decline. The natural question is, "How can we protect and monitor you before you develop diabetes?" Our advanced diabetes panel does just that.

Nutrition and Fitness

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.  Through our genetic analysis for nutrition and fitness, we can get more specific and help tailor the right diet and exercise program for you. We partner you with a dedicated wellness coach that can help you achieve your health goals.