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WellcomeMD Richmond - The 5 Everyday Movements Wrecking Your Body

  • WellcomeMD 2500 Gaskins Rd. Suite A Richmond, VA 23228 (map)

WellcomeMD Richmond Presents

The 5 Everyday Movements Wrecking Your Body

With Amanda Harris, MEd of Re-Kinect

6-7:30 p.m. Thursday, April 18 

A few years ago, you could race down the stairs, unload a dish washer with ease, clean out the garage with no problem, or even sit in your favorite chair for hours without something hurting. You might be inclined to think your body is wearing out, and chalk it up to old age. Believe it or not, age and mileage are not usually the culprits. The way your body has learned to move, is!

Join Exercise Physiologist and Medical Exercise Specialist Amanda Harris, to learn about 5 every-day movements that may be working against you, and strategies to move better so you can get the job done. In this interactive presentation, we will cover: 

• How and why what you learned as a baby goes bad over time
• Why other cultures keep these healthy patterns but we don’t
• The 5 most common everyday movement culprits
• Easy steps to reprogram good mechanics (Hint: It’s not bending the knees)
• How to include these natural movements into your everyday activities

Amanda Harris is an Exercise Physiologist, Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, and Founder of Re-Kinect, based in Richmond VA. Her practice specializes in the post-rehabilitative care of spine disorders, neurological disorders, and total joint replacement. Over her 20-year career, she has helped hundreds return to an active lifestyle after injury or surgery.


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