The goal of concierge medicine, or what we like to call membership medicine, is to re-establish the kind of personal relationship with your primary care physician that once prevailed in American communities while accessing new, cutting edge treatments.

WellcomeMD will give you greater access to your doctor via email and even by the doctor’s cell phone – you have the number.

Becoming a WellcomeMD member improves your quality of life. This opens the door to greater access to your physician, more personal attention, and improved health outcomes. As a member you will receive individualized care with a comprehensive, proactive approach to your personal health.

At WellcomeMD, we emphasize our thorough annual physical examination, which includes a series of tests to chart changes in a patient’s profile. They are the foundation for effective health recommendations.

WellcomeMD provides comprehensive, preventative, and proactive care for all of our members. Our physicians and their teams are committed to not only improving patients’ outcomes, but also improving their quality of life. We provide a conscientious standard of care in an unhurried environment where the patients come first. WellcomeMD offers a wide range of services for our members.

Services and Membership Amenities:

  • 24/7 access to your physician

  • Physician driven, individual health plan

  • Preventative, proactive care

  • Same day appointments

  • Thorough, unhurried appointments—minimum 30 minutes

  • In office lab evaluations

  • Individualized diet & fitness consultations

  • Doctor-recommended vitamins and supplements are available for your convenience at the practice. We deliver these to you at our cost

  • Physician liaises with specialist providers

  • House calls and local hospital visits when appropriate

  • Physician guided programs, such as Walk With Your Doc, Understanding Food Labels, and a variety of other topics

  • Facilitation of second opinions

  • Accompany patients to specialists when needed

  • Telemedicine appointments when you can't make it to the office

Still weighing the possibility of membership?

  • Can I easily obtain a same-day appointment with my doctor?

  • Has my doctor worked out a list of health goals for me and how to accomplish them?

  • Do I spend only a very few minutes in my doctor’s waiting room?

  • Is my doctor, or an on-call doctor, available 24/7?

  • If my doctor saw me outside of the office could they greet me by name?

  • Is my annual physical exam thorough, and does the doctor go over the results with me in detail?

  • Does my medical practice offer fitness and nutrition counseling in coordination with the doctor?

  • Does my doctor seem rushed during our conversations with “one eye one the clock?”

WellcomeMD members can answer “yes” to every question/statement except the last one! If any of your other answers were “no,” please call us at 888.531.3844 to ask further questions and to arrange for a visit. You’ll enjoy a free consultation with a WellcomeMD doctor and a tour of our practice.

Our monthly fee is comparable to what you pay for a cable TV subscription or cell phone service. Consider the cost of avoiding a preventable disease, the value of early detection of serious health problems, and ready access to a doctor who knows you as well as medicine. The return on this investment is apparent.

Why the Pineapple?

Long before King Charles II of England posed for an official portrait receiving a pineapple, the fruit was an established symbol of hospitality. Some indigenous peoples of the Americas had, for centuries, been placing the fruit outside their homes to indicate they were receiving guests. So, in the ages before container ships and hothouse gardens, any guest who was invited to a party where a whole pineapple was displayed knew that no expense was spared in guaranteeing their enjoyment.

We hope you always feel welcome here and know that we will invest fully in your health.