Looking to spend more time practicing medicine and less time marketing, billing, and administrating? You are not alone. 

A recent survey shows that 62% of concierge doctors feel their #1 challenge is either growing their membership or managing their business operations

Whether you've made the move to concierge medicine already or are looking for a partner to help you take the next step, WellcomeMD can help you realize your dream. 

We acquire your practice:

  • Be compensated you for the value you have built.

  • Let us carry the business burden and help you grow.

  • You reduce your risk and maintain a stake in your practice.

  • We handle the all the marketing and administration.

  • You get your life back.

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How We Work

We Acquire Your Practice

  • Freedom to be an MD, not an MBA

  • Freedom to practice medicine with the business support you’ve been missing

  • Switching to WellcomeMD is easy for your patients

We Reduce Your Risk and Help You Grow

  • Account Support - No more back office headaches

  • Administration - We handle billing and collections

  • Differentiation - Make your practice stand out in your market with advanced blood labs and DNA fitness & nutrition testing available through WellcomeMD

  • Inquiries - For new patient requests and sales support

  • On-boarding - Welcome kits and practice information

  • On-site Sales - To build your panel

We Help You Get Your Life Back

  • Brand and marketing support - Grow your practice

  • Marketing - Collateral, events, SEO, content marketing, social support

  • New Patients - Advertising, PR, web requests

  • Online Presence - Website listing and reputation management

  • Advertising - Offline and online advertising

  • Retention - Newsletters and referral programs

Why WellcomeMD?

  • Be paid for the value you’ve built at an attractive multiple.

  • Security and Growth - Continue to draw a salary, retain a stake in your business, and receive incentives as WellcomeMD grows the practice.

  • Retain Equity - Be compensated again for the value we build together.

  • As our partner, you have full access to the CEO and COO, and a voice in the direction of the company.


It's Time to Make a Change!