We want to partner with you.

Looking to spend more time practicing medicine and less time marketing, billing, and administrating? You are not alone. Whether you've made the move to concierge medicine already or are looking for a partner to help you take the next step, WellcomeMD can help you realize your dream. 

  • Be compensated for the value you have built.

  • Retain equity and be compensated again for the value we build together.

  • Let us carry the business burden and help you grow.

  • You reduce your risk and maintain a stake in your practice.

  • We handle all the marketing and administration.

  • You get your life back.

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The Four Things Physicians Should Consider When Thinking About Their Exit Plan

Why WellcomeMD?

We are growing.

  • Membership at our Richmond practice has grown nearly 400% since it was acquired in October 2017.

  • The Richmond practice is adding a third physician beginning September 2019.

  • Our Oak Park/Chicago location has added a second practice downtown, steps away from the famed Miracle Mile.


We are looking for top physicians.

  • Make your practice stand out in your market with advanced blood labs and DNA fitness & nutrition testing available through WellcomeMD.

  • Our marketing and sales staff takes care of growing your practice, on-boarding new patients, patient retention and managing your online reputation so you don’t have to.


We can arrange a conversation with one of our physicians or our CEO.

  • Speak with one of our physicians and learn how WellcomeMD has given them the freedom to practice medicine the way they’ve always wanted.

  • Speak with our CEO and founder, Linda Nash, who is a pioneer in the field of concierge medicine. Linda was founder and CEO of PartnerMD and grew the company from one doctor with 40 patients in 2003 to 35 doctors in 11 locations with more than 10,000 patients by 2015. Linda is again changing the face of concierge medicine as the CEO of WellcomeMD through even lower patient panels and preventative, proactive care with advanced labs and genetic testing.



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