Only for the Affluent? What Do Concierge Patients Really Pay For?

When they first appeared more than a decade ago, concierge practices had the reputation of being only of interest to the wealthy. That may have been because a handful of concierge practices charged extremely high fees. And, too, the concept of paying any kind of fee for physician access was unfamiliar.

Most concierge practice fees are far less than that, however, and the unfamiliarity is fading. The"wealthy-only" rumor should fade away, too. In fact, concierge practices enroll truck drivers, school teachers, sales personnel as well as those with higher incomes — a broad range of vocations and income levels.

Some people almost never visit the doctor, and would not consider a membership medical practice a priority investment. For many others, though, there are solid reasons to place a high value on health care: age, medical issues, or just a wholesome concern for preventive care —the very best kind of medical insurance.

For many of us, too – especially busy professionals, parents, or people with pressing work of other kind — not having to wait for an appointment, and not killing time in waiting rooms and examining rooms, is keenly important. Concierge practices value your time as well as the doctor’s.