Preventive Care is Worth a Pound of Cure

What if the focus of medicine could shift from treating your illnesses to anticipating and avoiding them altogether? With preventive care, the goal is to identify risks early on and respond accordingly in order to avoid future health complications.

Medical technology is continuing to advance in exciting ways, enabling physicians to learn more about your health in the name of prevention. By looking at your genetics, gut health, hormones, and overall health assessment, your doctor is better able to determine what your body needs to function well.

Additionally, preventative care can help doctors identify future health threats. For example, your doctor can evaluate your genetics and look for markers that signal your predisposition for brain and heart conditions.

A functional approach requires consistent, deep knowledge of your unique health profile. Concierge practices like WellcomeMD stress the importance of in-depth appointments with a dedicated physician who can closely monitor your numbers in order to better identify changes in your health status. This approach requires a holistic evaluation rather than a narrow consideration of momentary symptoms alone.

Some doctors' offices now schedule only 30 minutes for your annual physical examination; concierge practices view this annual appointment as an invaluable opportunity to evaluate your health and track your numbers and labs. A "gold standard" physical can take up to 2.5 hours, including a detailed discussion with your doctor about diet, exercise, medications, and opportunities for health improvement. Learn more about how WellcomeMD's approach to functional medicine can enable you to achieve your wellness goals. Call 888.531.3844 to schedule your free tour today!