What is Concierge Medicine? Would it work for me?

You may have heard of "membership medicine," "retainer medicine," or a "concierge medical practice" in the news or from friends, and wondered about it. Unlike many aspects of medical care, this subject is not at all complex. This increasingly popular form of primary care — family care — works. And, if it is available in your community, why you might consider it as an option.

Concierge medicine is a way of re-organizing how your family doctor's office works in order to provide more attentive, more personalized care for patients. The principal problem for most doctors in recent years is that they have increasing numbers of patients to see but less time to take care of each of them — and that problem is growing. 

These changes have resulted in accelerating public interest in concierge medicine. If you are thinking through that option, you'll want to know: 

•    How and why is concierge medicine different?
•    How does it work?
•    How much would it cost?
•    What benefits does it bring for your health?