A complete wellness program that is as unique as you are:

Concierge medicine has become increasingly popular in the US as people are becoming more frustrated about receiving adequate time and attention for their essential medical needs. The ability to receive on-demand, high-quality medical care, including longevity planning, allows for timely diagnosis and immediate treatment saving lives and preventing acute problems from becoming critical.

Focused on prevention, the Asian Comprehensive Health and Wellness Program at WellcomeMD encompasses the most advanced precision medicine available addressing specific health concerns.

In addition to standard yearly diagnostics, your comprehensive exam will include an exhaustive blood labs panel which asses:

  • Gut Health

  • Autoimmune Health

  • Metabolic Profiles

  • Thyroid and Hormonal Health

  • Cardiac Health, Including Lipids

  • Inflammatory Markers

  • Genetic Risk Factors

WellcomeMD considers the demands of your lifestyle and places a premium on your time. From high-end accommodations to coordinating lab draws in China or your location in the US to coordinating private travel, WellcomeMD offers elite care for individuals committed to taking control of their health.

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International Patient Services

For patients traveling from outside your home country, our team will serve as your guide to WellcomeMD’s world-class medicine. We will seamlessly combine your medical needs, individual preferences and cultural, linguistic, and religious expectations into an experience that makes WellcomeMD feel as close to home as possible. Our in-country representatives will:

  • Schedule your appointments

  • Make hotel or lodging arrangements in Richmond, Virginia

  • Arrange air travel as well as ground transportation to and from the airport and our practice

  • Provide an interpreter

  • Escort you to your appointments

Why Choose a WellcomeMD Comprehensive Wellness Exam?

  • Our physicians are Double Board-Certified in Family, Emergency, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine

  • Advanced diagnostics, labs and genetic testing for a complete understanding of your health and wellbeing

  • Pharmacogenomics

  • Genetic insight into nutrition, fitness and potential pharmaceutical sensitivities

  • A focus on sleep, stress, gut health, and food sensitivities that can rob you of your vitality

  • Certified Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist to coach you on your diet and work-outs

  • More time for you. Having a personal physician; Half the patients of most concierge practices and 10% of most primary care physicians

  • Includes year-long WellcomeMD membership with quarterly follow-ups


Comprehensive Health and Wellness

As part of your executive physical at WellcomeMD, you’ll receive a DNA fitness and nutrition profile which covers 38 genes. Your physician, Certified Nutritionist and Doctor of Physical Therapy will craft a custom and actionable plan specific to your unique genetic makeup and health history.


All-Access and Convenience

From travel and accommodations to translation, the team at WellcomeMD coordinates your care from start to finish. We bring the experts together for you on-site at our office and provide you with a private business suite where you can stay connected between consultations. And, after you go home, your a physician is always available by phone, email, and text so you can stay connected when and where you need it.


A Team You Can Trust

Dr. Neal Carl and Dr. Mary Colfer are double board-certified primary care physicians who complement traditional medicine with the latest thoroughly researched techniques backed by substantial evidence. With a limit of 300 patients each, their priority is safeguarding your health, paying just as much attention to assessing and treating the conditions that have the greatest impact on how you feel and perform.